MIS Webmail Outlook 365

MIS Webmail Outlook: All Queensland state school teachers and students are provided an email account hosted by Microsoft Office 365 by the Queensland Government Education Department. A webmail account is the version I use online. Online checking of your emails is available whenever and wherever you are. As with Outlook 365, it works the same way.

MIS Webmail Outlook 365 Email Login

As part of the Queensland Education Department’s enrollment process, all state school students receive an email address unique to themselves. [email protected] will be the format of the email. The state school of EQ has included a summary of all the emails it’s sent. The Queensland Department of Education manages this service as part of the EQ MIS (Managed Internet Service). By filtering spam and inappropriate content, phishing scams are prevented.

Students enrolled in Queensland were provided with a username and password. Online access to their emails will be available using this credential. Outlook 365 can be accessed via the following websites:

All of the above websites enable staff and students to access their emails.

How to Access MIS EQ Webmail Outlook 365?

  • You can log in to EQ MIS Webmail via Office 365 using the steps below:
  • Check out MIS’ official webmail site at https://owa.eq.edu.au.
  • Visit the login page for EQ Managed Internet Service by clicking this link.
  • The next step is to enter your login credentials provided by the Queensland state school.
  • Then, click “I agree with the terms and privacy statement.”
  • Please click on “Sign In” after that.
  • You will be redirected to the MIS webmail dashboard.
  • You will see an app icon on your top left corner. This will provide access to Microsoft Office 365 applications, including Outlook, OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
  • You can view your emails in Outlook by clicking on this option.

Online Office 365 and OneDrive

They can log into the office 365 account provided by the Queensland state school using the username and password they received after registering for the class in Queensland.

Microsoft Office 365 official website (https://portal.office.com) and the Office 365 app can be used by users to access their webmail.  


OneDrive is another document and file storage option that students at Queensland State School have access to through their MIS webmail accounts.

Frequently Asked Question for EQ Webmail Outlook 365

Students report that MIS webmail has an easy-to-use interface, but many have problems accessing emails, one drives, and class notes. The following are the most common questions about office 365 asked by the Queensland students:

  • When I open Outlook 365, I get a prompt for credentials. What should I do?
  • When I use the Outlook 365 conversation settings, how do I change them?
  • What is the webmail login procedure for Outlook 365?
  • How do I check my email through my Outlook 365 webmail login?
  • Outlook 365 won’t prompt for my password, how can I get it to do so?

Our article above addresses many of these questions. Please let me know if you have any questions or encounter any problems while logging into my webmail outlook 365 emails. To get help with my webmail, please contact the help desk.

Final Words

Through EQ Managed Internet Service Webmail, all students and staff at Queensland State School can access your email online. Accessing email safely and securely is easier with My Webmail on Outlook 365. To detect inappropriate language, malicious files, phishing scams, and viruses in emails sent and received by Queensland state school students, Microsoft Office 365’s automated systems scanned all emails they sent or received.