MIS Gateway Web Portal

What is MIS Gateway? (Managed Internet Services) 

In Queensland, the Department of Education manages an online web portal called MIS Gateway. Students from Queensland state schools in Australia can use this program. For QLD students, this is a trusted online hub for making projects, creating documents, and storing files.

QGSS students have access to the MIS gateway. For access to the MIS gateway, they need a specific username and password provided by the school administration. Anywhere and everywhere they want, they can use its features.

Benefits of EQ MIS Gateway Web Portal

Gateways from EQ MIS (Managed Internet Service) provide a number of benefits. Through a dashboard, students are able to access their Office365 Applications online. MIS gateway SharePoint portal allows Queensland state school to access the following Office 365 applications:

  • A school email account (Outlook)
  • Cloud storage for students (OneDrive)
  • This includes OneNote (including Class Notebooks).
  • Online Excel
  • Online PowerPoint
  • Online Word

MIS Webmail Outlook 365

Login requirements for MIS Gateway

  • You can access the MIS Gateway online webmail portal by following the steps below:
  • Go to mis.eq.edu.au to access the official site of MIS Gateway.
  • By clicking this link, you will be redirected to Login for EQ Managed Internet Service System Gateway.
  • An appropriate username and password must be entered here.
  • By checking the “I agree to the terms and conditions” box, you agree to its terms and conditions.

Click “Sign In” after you have done this.  In the MIS Gateway Online Login Portal, how do I access Office 365 Applications?

The following steps will help you access Office 365 applications after logging into the MIS Gateway EQ:

  • A launcher icon can be found at the top left of the MIS EQ Gateway dashboard.
  • Open the Office365 apps menu by clicking on that icon.
  • The list will include all programs you can access from here, such as Outlook (email), OneNote (including class notes), Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneDrive.
  • Choose an app from the menu.
  • Your OneDrive will automatically store files created by any app you use.

Final Words

MIS Gateway and Office 365 applications are available to all students enrolled in a Queensland state school class at any time. For accessing web portals, students at Queensland schools can take advantage of the benefits of MIS Webmail. In addition, QLD provides each student with a unique outlook e-mail address they can only use to access their EQ education emails. Users are free to make personal use of it.